Teaching Literacy and Language through Dialogue. Notes from the Classroom


In this account of her teaching practice over the course of her career, Chris Bailey sets out a compelling case for helping children to become more proficient in classroom dialogue.

She shows how teaching literacy through dialogue not only enhances children’s written work, but also how dialogue is a vital component of learning across the curriculum, resulting in more productive group work and greater access to subject content.

Connecting research from the University of Cambridge to her own practice, this book offers ideas for units of work that incorporate dialogue in a range of subject areas across the primary curriculum. Chris brilliantly combines the warm and funny classroom moments which will be familiar to all teachers with an account of how research can be integrated into practice.

This book is a valuable resource for new teachers, and any teacher who is interested in finding out more about how to teach dialogue and oracy.

 ISBN 978-1-9164565-2-5