Research Translation Services

About us
Research Translation Services at Cambridge Thinking Press are provided to specialise in the publication of educational resources developed from research.

What makes us different?
As an independent publisher, we have the flexibility to publish short runs of work without long production times, and can publish resources for educational institutions based directly on research projects. If the book has a focus that will be relevant for a wider readership then we can publish a longer run to make commercially available. 

The benefits for educational institutions (e.g. schools)
1. Schools who have participated in research trials receive a record of the project. The form that this takes will be dependent on the nature of the research project. For example, we can publish teaching guides, student books or a publication detailing research findings.
2. With your work published in a book that is accessible to teachers, students and others involved in education practice, it can be promoted to other schools that can benefit from the research that has been carried out. Schools will be able to buy good quality, research-based educational resources from Cambridge Thinking Press.
3. Cambridge Thinking Press is informed by a strong social ethos. We use a portion of profits from the sales of books to develop a fund to provide opportunities to improve education in deprived areas or for disadvantaged students.

The benefits for researchers
1. You can list us a partner organisation when making grant applications. Your work will be disseminated to schools in an accessible format to increase project impact
2. Translating work into practice-based resources adds to the impact section of the REF
3. Universities will shortly need to consider how to contribute to the newly-formed Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF). Producing educational resources from research projects is one way of demonstrating Knowledge Exchange, and working with Cambridge Thinking Press will allow you to be at the forefront of UK Higher Education when the KEF comes into effect.
4. You will retain copyright of your work and be listed as the author of books which are produced, and as an author you will also receive royalties from the sales of books.

Funding for Research Translation Services publications
In order to publish educational resources in the first instance, we will look to funding from research grants. If you would like to produce educational resources as an outcome of your project, add a sum of money to your grant application budget to cover this. Contact Cambridge Thinking Press prior to your application and we will give you a quote. If the work is suitable to be published for use by educational institutions more generally, we will then fund the publication of a longer run of books which will be on sale commercially.

Case Study

Research Institution: Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Project: Philosopher-in-Residence

Funding Source: Public Engagement Seed Funding, University of Cambridge

Publication: Think with us! A celebration of our thinking, talking and discovering together at Bowhill Primary School

The book is a record of children’s experiences during the project. It includes photos of, and quotes, drawings and written work by, children in the school. Using funding from the public engagement fund, a copy of the book was produced for every class in the school, and the school library.

Following the rationale of the project to embed a culture of thinking both inside and outside the classroom, it will also be available for parents to buy with the addition of ideas for thinking games to play at home included.